Managing my personal profile and account in the UV

All the operations on our user account at the Universitat de València are managed from our account server ( https://cuentas.uv.es ). We can perform operations on our identity in the UV, manage our email, working groups, disk and web spaces, blogs, options applicable to the UVapp mobile application, etc. In the case that concerns us, these aids are directed to the operations of managing our password , changes, recovery before forgetting, introduction of alternative contact data for recover.


Password policy at UV

The passwords of the user accounts provided by the Universitat de València are personal and non-transferable, and are for the exclusive use of their owner. [Use of ICT resources, art.10.1]

Each user is responsible for confidentiality of their password. In the event that it becomes known accidentally or fraudulently by unauthorised persons, the user must change it, either through the account management service, or by immediately communicating it to the user support for computer incidents of the Universitat de València. [Use of ICT resources, art.10.2]

Users must change the password of their accounts with the frequency established by the security policy of the Universitat de València. Passwords must be created in accordance with the security standards, which are published in the corresponding guides, in order to prevent them from becoming easily known. [Use of ICT resources, art.11]

Personal user IDs and passwords must be protected and not disclosed to anyone. Passwords must not be stored in readable files, macros, computers without access control or in any form or place where they can be accessed by unauthorised third parties. [Security Regulations, art.4.9]

User and password details must never be given to third parties, even if they are staff of the Universitat. [Security Regulations, art.4.10]



2019 / 02
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Password policy at UV